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Dr. Murphy examining a dog’s ear

Vital Wellness and Preventive Care

Our pets can’t tell us how they feel, and often, outward signs of underlying illness are subtle — until the illness becomes severe. This is why annual wellness exams (or semiannual for older pets) are critical to maintaining your pet’s overall health.

Physical exams, blood panels, and urinalysis can reveal a problem in its earliest stages — when it’s still treatable or manageable — and before it makes your animal companion gravely ill.

At your pet’s wellness exam, Dr. Murphy will conduct a health assessment that includes checking your pet’s ears and mouth, listening to your pet’s heart, feeling the abdomen for abnormalities, weighing your pet, asking questions regarding your pet’s behavior and any physical changes, administering appropriate vaccines, and collecting blood and urine samples for testing.

We fully embrace Fear Free℠ protocols, and we do our best to make every experience as comfortable and stress free as possible. We look forward to partnering with you to help maintain your pet’s optimal health.

Schedule your pet’s wellness exam at a time that’s convenient for you.

Our dog happens to be named Murphy!!!! …I know Dr. Murphy quite well and our Murphy was a patient at Westside Animal Hospital yesterday for an operation… needless to stay despite the reason for his visit he loved his time with the Westside crew (including Christina Knoell)!!! They are amazing folks and put all of us including Murph at ease!
— Chad

Our team is Fear Free? certified, and our hospital is one of the few practices in Rochester accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association.

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