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Dr. Murphy examining a cat

Effective Pain Management

No animal should have to be in pain. Sometimes, we know our pets are experiencing pain, such as when they suffer an obvious injury or if they just had surgery.

Other times, our pets suffer in silence, offering only subtle signs of discomfort. If you notice your pet is reluctant to go up or down stairs, if your pet seems uncomfortable when touched or handled, or if your pet is slow to rise or doesn’t want to rise at all, please seek medical treatment right away.

Chronic conditions that may cause your pet pain include osteoarthritis, disc disease, or an undiagnosed illness such as cancer.

At Westside Animal Hospital, we focus on diagnosing the cause of your pet’s pain first (if it’s unknown) so we can create an appropriate treatment plan.

Effective pain management not only improves your pet’s physical comfort, it also greatly impacts your pet’s overall quality of life.

We had to take our dog to see Dr. Murphy for the worst of all reasons… Dr. Murphy was kind and compassionate and nonjudgmental regarding our choice to let her go. He understood our feelings and was respectful to our pet and to us. He and his staff were so kind and thoughtful to my wife and me and our beloved pet…
— Paul

Our team is Fear Free certified, and our hospital is one of the few practices in Rochester accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association.

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